CBD Oil for Treating Anxiety in Cats

Countless people suffer from anxiety and other mental health problems over the course of their lives, and studies suggest that animals feel similar emotions too. The ASPCA states, “Like us, animals can develop anxiety. Victims of cruelty, abuse or neglect, may be especially prone to anxiety. But anxiety can occur in animals from any background.” 

This is true in companion animals, like cats, and many cat owners may notice their furry felines showing symptoms and signs of stress and fear in certain situations. Cat anxiety is actually very common. Many felines can feel stressed out in certain situations and may react in a variety of ways, from lashing out and getting aggressive to running away and hiding in a dark place.

Almost every cat will experience cat anxiety at some stage or another. Sometimes, it can be relatively mild, only occurring now and then and not leading to any serious issues. In other cases, it can be more severe, developing into full-blown phobias and disorders that affect the cat’s entire life.

This is why anxiety in cats should always be taken seriously. Ignoring the problem can be disastrous, as it will only get worse with time in most cases. What’s more, anxiety can lead to a range of other health issues in cats, like higher blood pressure. It may also present new challenges for owners, as anxious cats might scratch, hiss, or urinate around the house.

Luckily, there are treatments for cat anxiety, including cat anxiety medication and CBD for cat anxiety too. This guide will take a closer look at how cat anxiety can present itself, as well as examining the root causes. We’ll also look at how owners can deal with cat anxiety and the benefits of new treatment options, such as CBD oil for cats anxiety.

Causes and Symptoms of Cat Anxiety

So what actually causes cat anxiety in the first place? Well, there are quite a few possible causes. In some cases, it’s easy to see why a cat is stressed. In others, the situation might not be so clear. Here are some key types of cat anxiety:

  • Fear – A common cause of anxiety in cats is, quite simply, fear. When cats are afraid, they can start to feel anxious, and there are a lot of things that can make cats scared. Loud noises, strange people or animals, sudden changes in the environment, trips to the vet, and so on can all frighten our feline companions.
  • Separation –  Cat separation anxiety is also very common. This is caused when cats feel frightened when separated from their owners. A peer-reviewed study published in the scientific journal Plos One stated, “Among the sampled animals, 13.45% (30 / 223) met at least one of the behavioral criteria we used to define SRP (separation-related problems).”
  • Past Traumas – It’s a sad fact that a lot of cats have been harmed, abandoned, or mistreated in the past. This is especially true of cats that can be found at shelters, or stray cats. Such cats may respond with fear in situations that remind them of their past abuse, or in the presence of people or objects that were associated with those traumas.
  • Pain – Unlike dogs and certain other animals, cats don’t always show us when they’re in pain. They can appear perfectly normal, not making any strange sounds or showing many changes in behavior. But they may be suffering on the inside. Pain and discomfort can make them very anxious.

Whether you’re dealing with separation anxiety in cats or another form of feline anxiety, there is a range of common signs and symptoms to look out for. Cats that are anxious may hold their tails very close to their bodies or flick their tail around from side to side. 

Their pupils might dilate and their ears may shift backward. They may also have hairs standing up on their bodies, and could even get aggressive, hissing and scratching in some cases. They may also run and hide, urinate and defecate around the house, or they might sit frozen in place, staring intently at the source of their stress.

Traditional Treatment Options for Anxiety in Cats

Anxiety in cats can be treated in a range of ways, and it’s important to address the problem correctly. Some owners might not understand why their cat is suddenly getting aggressive or changing behavior. Some may even respond aggressively to an anxious cat. This is not the correct course of action. Anxious cats need to be treated with care to help them feel comfortable and relaxed. 

At home, owners can try to comfort their cats and reduce the risk of stressful situations developing. Vets may also suggest different anxiety management methods, like making adjustments to the home and lifestyle of the cat to make them more comfortable. 

There are also sprays and liquids that can be used to calm cats down around the house, as well as anxiety medication. Meds can be a fast-acting option to help cats cope with anxiety-inducing situations, but they don’t always last long. Increasingly, cat owners are turning to another remedy: CBD oil for cats with anxiety.

CBD Oil for Anxiety in Cats

CBD for cats anxiety is being widely used all around the world to help deal with this problem. It’s basically the same product as CBD for humans, crafted in the same way from industrial hemp plants and containing the same key active ingredients, such as cannabidiol. 

It is believed that CBD for cats anxiety is able to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) inside the cat’s body. The ECS of a cat, however, has fewer receptors than the ECS of a dog. So cats tend to need slightly bigger doses of oil. Owners can use a CBD oil dosage calculator online to find the correct CBD oil for cats anxiety dosage. 

Once the CBD oil cat anxiety enters the cat’s system and interacts with the ECS, it produces a calming effect. CBD for cats with anxiety can therefore help to de-stress and soothe a stressed cat. This can alleviate all of the associated signs and symptoms too, like aggression or urinating in the house.

Many cat owners have found that CBD for cat anxiety really does get result. A lot of them report that their cats appear to be calmer and less stressed out in general after taking CBD oil on a regular basis.

Other owners say that their cats have enjoyed much better quality of life since taking CBD oil, adding that it can be particularly useful to give to cats before events that might usually cause them to experience stress or anxiety, like on special occasions when fireworks might be heard or before a trip to the vet. 

What’s more, CBD oil can also assist with a range of other health problems, from cancer in cats to seizures in cats, so even if your feline friend develops other issues with their physical or mental health, having some CBD oil is a great advantage.

Cannabinoid Calculator for the Perfect CBD Oil Dosage

When using CBD oil in cats, you need to be careful when it comes to dosage. If you give a cat too little oil, it might not have any real effect. If you give a cat too much CBD oil, they may be at a higher risk of suffering side effects like an increase in appetite or tiredness.

The right CBD oil dosage is based on the cat’s weight. Heavier cats will usually need greater amounts of oil in order to truly feel the effects, while lighter cats can cope with smaller doses on average and get the same great benefits.

Cannabinoid Calculator can help you work out the ideal dose. All you need to do is enter some basic information, such as your cat’s body weight, and you’ll be given the perfect dose. From there, it’s so simple to drop the oil straight into your furry friend’s food bowl.


Anxiety in cats can be very difficult for both animals and owners to deal with. Frightened and scared cats should never be ignored. They need to be looked after and cared for in order to live happier and more comfortable lives. CBD oil cats anxiety is one of the best treatment options available right now for this problem.


What is anxiety in cats?

Anxiety in cats is just like anxiety in humans. It brings negative emotions of stress and fear, typically associated with separation, pain, trauma, or other negative situations.

What causes anxiety in cats?

There are lots of potential causes of cat anxiety. Some cats can get anxious when going to the vet or when hearing loud noises, for example. Cats that may have been harmed in the past can also get anxious when seeing people or objects that remind them of their trauma.

How does CBD treat anxiety in cats?

CBD cats anxiety is able to soothe stressed and anxious cats. It can promote feelings of calmness and relaxation.

How to take CBD Oil for anxiety in cats?

CBD oil can be dropped directly into a cat’s food. You can find the correct CBD oil for cats anxiety dosage using an online CBD calculator. You can also purchase CBD-infused cat treats.


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