CBD Oil for Treating Arthritis in Cats

Arthritis is a well-known and well-documented condition in humans, and it turns out that various different species of animals can also suffer from this health issue, including cats. Indeed, the FDA cites several studies to suggest that feline osteoarthritis is more common than many people think, with one study showing that “74 of 218 cats were diagnosed with osteoarthritis”.

Just like in humans, arthritis in cats causes inflammation and pain in the joints. This can make it difficult or uncomfortable for cats to get up and move around. Given that cats are normally quite agile and athletic creatures, cat arthritis can drastically affect their lives and habits. It can make it a lot harder for them to run, play, and jump from place to place.

Cat arthritis commonly affects the elbow joint, but it can affect other joints in a cat’s body. It can lead to a range of symptoms and side effects, including anxiety and depression, coupled with aches, pains, and weight gain. For these reasons, cat arthritis needs to be taken seriously, and while it cannot be cured, it can be managed.

Various cat arthritis supplements and medications exist, along with therapeutic options and other treatment methods. Owners can play a big part in helping arthritic cats lead happier and healthier lives, as well as feeling more comfortable with their condition. This guide will cover the signs, symptoms, causes, and treatment options for arthritis in cats.

Causes and Symptoms of Cat Arthritis

Arthritis is caused by the gradual degeneration of the cartilage that sits in the joints of a cat’s body. This cartilage allows the joint to move smoothly and correctly, but over time, it can wear down. When this happens, the joint can become inflamed and painful, making mobility a lot harder. There are various possible causes of arthritis in cats, as explained below:

  • Age – Quite simply, one of the most common causes of cat arthritis is age. As cats get older, just like dogs, humans, and other animals too, their joints start to wear down. This ‘wear and tear’ is a natural part of the aging process, as joints simply can’t remain strong and solid forever.
  • Weight – One of the big factors that can make arthritis more likely to develop is excess pressure on the joints. Given that cats tend to do a lot of jumping, climbing, and running, they already put plenty of pressure on their joints. This can be made worse when the cat is overweight or obese. Cats with unhealthy diets or a lack of exercise may therefore be at a higher risk of arthritis.
  • Injuries – If a cat has suffered some sort of injury to its bones or joints in the past, it may be more likely to suffer from arthritis as it gets older. Injuries can weaken the bones and joints, even after the animal has made a recovery. Cats can also be quite prone to injuries as they can spend a lot of time outdoors on the streets.

Cat arthritis symptoms aren’t always easy to identify. This is because cats, in general, don’t tend to show when they’re in pain or discomfort. They might seem to be behaving perfectly normally, but could be in a lot of pain on the inside. Therefore, owners need to be very observant, especially with older or heavier cats, to look for the signs and symptoms.

Typically, cats with arthritis will have problems moving around. You may therefore notice that they don’t run or jump as often. They may hesitate a little more when trying to jump up onto the sofa or a table, for example, or they may avoid going upstairs. They may also show signs of pain and stress by urinating around the house, hissing when touched, or flicking their tail around.

Traditional Treatment Options for Arthritis in Cats

Unfortunately, cat arthritis has no known cure. Joints will naturally degrade over time and this process cannot be reversed or stopped. However, it can be slowed down and arthritis can be managed with various treatment methods, such as arthritis medicine for cats.

Medication options may include painkillers to help cats handle the pain and discomfort caused by their arthritis. They may also take anti-anxiety pills if they’re struggling with stress caused by the condition, as well as other medicines like gabapentin for cats arthritis. With the right gabapentin for cats arthritis dosage, this medicine can help to soothe pain and ease inflammation.

Owners can also help their cats with arthritis by adjusting the home to make it safer and easier for them to get around. Softer surfaces and platforms can allow the cat to continue climbing and playing without suffering so much. It may also be important to control the cat’s diet to prevent weight gain, as excess weight can make arthritis worse.

CBD Oil for Arthritis in Cats 

Another excellent treatment option for this condition is CBD oil for cats arthritis. CBD oil for cats with arthritis is basically the same product like CBD oil for humans. It’s made by extracting cannabidiol and other natural compounds from hemp plants, and it can be dropped into a cat’s food or infused into treats. A CBD oil dosage calculator can be used to work out the right dose.

CBD for arthritis in cats works by interacting with the cat’s endocannabinoid system. Studies have shown that it can ease inflammation associated with arthritis and soothe pain too. It can also assist with anxiety induced by arthritis, helping to calm and relax cats that may be stressed out due to the pain and discomfort of their condition. 

A study published in Future Med Chem states that “Cannabinoids have been tested in several experimental models of autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and hepatitis and have been shown to protect the host from the pathogenesis through induction of multiple anti-inflammatory pathways.”

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that also shows how effective CBD oil can be for cats with arthritis. Many cat owners have given this product a try for themselves and many have been amazed by the results they’ve seen.

In a lot of cases, cats with arthritis that are given CBD oil can show rapid improvements in their condition. Their pain and inflammation can start to fade away and reduce quite quickly, helping them move around more comfortably and enjoy a better quality of life.

What’s more, CBD oil can also make cats feel calmer and happier in general, so they’re less likely to scratch, hiss, or lash out in irritation or fear. Since they’re able to move more freely, they can also get more regular exercise, making them less likely to struggle with issues like weight gain and high blood pressure.

Essentially, CBD for cats with arthritis is able to make a real difference to cats’ lives. It is being used by a lot of owners around the world and prescribed by many leading vets too.

Cannabinoid Calculator for the Perfect CBD Oil Dosage

If you want to give your cat some CBD oil to help with their arthritis or other health issues, you need to get the dosage right. Cats aren’t overly sensitive to this oil, but they can still have side effects if you give them too much.

At the same time, if you don’t give a cat enough CBD oil, then it might not experience any of the real benefits of the oil in the first place. This is why the dosage is so important, and Cannabinoid Calculator can help you get the perfect measurement.

All you need to do is enter some basic information on your cat into the calculator. From there, the tool will do the necessary calculations and give you an accurate dosage recommendation. Then you can simply drop the right amount of oil in with your cat’s food at meal times.


Cat arthritis is a difficult condition for any feline to live with. It can restrict them in a lot of ways, making even the simplest of activities like standing up and walking around a lot harder. However, with the right treatments and preventative action, cat arthritis can be managed. This allows felines to have happier and more fulfilling lives. CBD for cats arthritis can play a big part in this.


What is arthritis in cats?

Arthritis in cats is a condition affecting the joints. It makes the joints inflamed and painful, due to the gradual breakdown of cartilage. This can make it difficult for cats to move around as normal.

What causes arthritis in cats?

Some of the most common causes of cat arthritis include old age, excess weight, and joint injuries.

How does CBD treat arthritis in cats?

CBD cat arthritis is able to interact with the cat’s endocannabinoid system to alleviate symptoms of arthritis. It can soothe inflammation in the joints and reduce pain and anxiety.

How to take CBD Oil for arthritis in cats?

This oil can be dropped into a cat’s food and mixed in before they eat. It can also be dropped directly into the cat’s mouth, but many cats won’t enjoy this process. Use a CBD calculator to work out the adequate dose for each cat, based on weight.


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