Autism Spectrum Disorder and CBD Oil

Autism Spectrum Disorder, often simply called autism, effects the way a person perceives the world around them. By experiencing things differently, people with autism often have ways of communicating and behaving that are not the same as others. Autism is not an illness or a disease that can be cured. Put simply, the brain of someone with autism works in a different way to those without the condition. It is something people are born with and will have for life. 

The reason why autism is described as a ‘spectrum’ is that is there are varying degrees to which it affects a person. For example, someone with high functioning autism is likely to be able to do much the same things as people without the disorder, such as attending school, getting a job as an adult, forming meaningful relationships and more. However, those with mid-to-severe autism are likely to need help with some aspects of living.

Having autism is not an indicator of a person’s level of intelligence. It is possible for people with autism to have high, average or low intelligence, it simply depends on the person. Some may have learning disabilities, while others may not. There may also be co-existing conditions present, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and dyslexia.

Common Signs of Autism

Autism symptoms, or signs, often show at an early age and may include:

  • being unable to maintain eye contact
  • not responding to their name
  • differences in interacting with other children and forming friendships
  • repetitive body movements or speech
  • being unable to understand what others are feeling
  • find it hard to cope if routine changes
  • an obsessive interest in particular subjects

Signs of autism in adults are the same as for children, yet other aspects may be more apparent, such as:

  • being agitated or anxious when in social situations
  • not conforming to social rules, such as interrupting or appearing to be rude or blunt
  • finding it hard to communicate feelings
  • needing a comprehensive plan for taking part in activities
  • being aware of small details, sounds or patterns

Traditional treatment options for Autism

Treatment for those with autism centres on helping them to manage their condition and to gain an understanding of it, so they can maximise the way they interact with the world around them. Because autism is not an illness, there are no specific cures. 

Treatment options will differ depending on the individual, but usually consists of speech therapy, behavioural therapy and occupational therapy. Particularly in schools, helping children with autism is through reinforcing and rewarding expected social behaviour, and educating them about the condition. Parents and carers are likely to need professional advice and resources to enable them to fully support a child or adult on the autistic spectrum.

Autistic people with co-exiting conditions, such as seizures, anxiety or depression, may require medications to help manage those conditions. The downside to this is that there may be side effects that are unpleasant to cope with. This is why many people look for natural alternatives to medications, such as CBD oil.

CBD Oil for Autism

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Cannabis is an umbrella term for a group of plants, including hemp and marijuana. Both plant strains contain very different levels of cannabinoids. Marijuana is often used recreationally as it has a high level of the chemical THC, which produces feelings of being high. Hemp, on the other hand, only has trace amounts of THC, but is rich in other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG. CBD oil comes from the hemp strain of cannabis. Taking CBD oil for autism will not make the user high, and it has been deemed safe by the World Health Organisation.

Medical cannabis for autism includes CBD oil. It is known for its calming effects and can help people with autism reduce stress, lower anxiety and lessen aggressive outbursts. CBD can also help lessen the rate and severity of seizure in those with a co-exiting conditions. According to Autism Parenting Magazine, “some parents report that their children who used to be unreachable during fits of rage are able to implement calming techniques; other parents report decreased instances of physical violence.1. While research into autism and medical cannabis continues, these early results show promise.

When looking for supplements to improve symptoms of autism, CBD oil is a popular choice as it brings therapeutic results without the side effects associated with medication. CBD side effects are rare, and of any are felt they are usually mild. They may include some possible digestive upset, changes in appetite or mood. 

As with any supplement, getting the right hemp oil dosage for autism is essential in getting the most benefits. As no two individuals are the same, a dose that works for one may not work for another. That is why we have developed our CBD dosage calculator. You can find the optimal CBD dosage based upon the patient’s unique requirements, by filling in some specific details. The results are then calculated and displayed on your screen, as well as through email.

As more emerges about the benefits of hemp oil, autism and the improvement in the related conditions continue to be positively affected through its use. While research is still catching up, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of the benefits of CBD oil for autism.

What you need to know about Autism and CBD oil

What is Autism?

Autism is a condition that some people are born with, and that stays with them throughout life. Rather than it being an illness, the autistic brain works in a different way to those without the condition. People with autism view the world differently, and this may show in how they communicate, their ability to understand the feelings of others and more. No two cases of autism are the same, which is why it is described as a spectrum.

What are signs of Autism?

There are some common signs of autism in children and adults, yet not all people with autism will have the same symptoms or to the same degree. Common signs are behavioural differences in social situations, being keenly interested in particular subjects, repetitive movement or speech, becoming anxious in new situations and more. Some people with autism are high functioning and are able to live a full life, whereas others may need care with some or all aspects of living.

How does CBD help manage Autism?

People with autism may be more prone to anxiety, depression, and agitation. CBD oil has a calming effect, helping to reduce the severity of symptoms. It has also been shown to be effective in reducing seizures, which can also be a symptom that co-exists with autism. In addition, CBD rarely produces any side effects so it is often a preferable choice over medications where possible.

What is the right dosage of CBD oil for Autism?

Because autism is a spectrum, no two people with the condition are the same. That also means people will respond to varying dosage levels of CBD. In order to find the optimal dosage, our CBD calculator is here to help. Each recommended dose is tailored to the specific information entered for the individual, giving you a personalised CBD dosage for autism.



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