CBD Oil to Treat Cancer in Dogs

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases known to man, and unfortunately, it can even affect our furry friends. Dogs and other animals can all succumb to cancers of various kinds, from skin cancer to lung cancer, and these conditions can lead to grave consequences and even death in many cases.

Cancer in dogs is surprisingly common, with the American Veterinary Medical Association noting that “Almost half of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer.” Younger dogs can also suffer from cancer too, and it’s important to note that even though certain breeds have a higher chance of dog cancer, it can affect any dog, of any age, breed, and size.

Dog cancer can be quite stressful to deal with for owners, and no dog lover wants to hear that their furry friend has been diagnosed with such a terrible disease. However, there are treatment options for cancer in dogs. So if you know some of the signs of cancer in dogs, you can help identify it early and give your friend the care they need.

This guide will take a look at some root causes and symptoms of cancer in dogs. We’ll also look at some of the common treatment methods for this disease, as well as newer treatment options like CBD oil for dogs with cancer too.

Cancer in Dogs Causes, Signs, and Symptoms

When it comes to dog cancer, it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about skin cancer in dogs, bone cancer in dogs, or some other kind of cancer, there are several possible causes that can lead to the development of the disease:

  • Age – One of the main reasons why we’re seeing higher rates of cancers like bladder cancer in dogs is simply because dogs are living longer than ever before. Standards of canine health and veterinary medicine have improved a lot over the years. As dogs get older, their chances of cancer naturally increase, just like with humans.
  • Diet – A dog’s diet may also increase their risk of getting certain types of cancer, like liver cancer. Dogs that eat low-quality foods, for example, maybe exposed to more dangerous ingredients which could trigger cancer development. Dogs that eat too much and gain weight may also be at risk of these diseases.
  • Breed – As stated earlier, dogs of any breed can get cancer. However, there are some breeds that are genetically more likely to develop cancer than others. Examples include Golden Retrievers, Boxers, and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Mixed breed dogs, meanwhile, are actually less likely to develop genetic-based cancers.
  • Lifestyle and Environment – A dog’s lifestyle and surrounding environment can also play a part. Dogs that are exposed to lots of sun, for example, maybe at a higher risk of skin cancer. Those that don’t get sufficient exercise will be more likely to gain weight and suffer higher risks of health issues, including cancer.

The truth is that the causes of cancer are still being explored, so these are just some of the possible factors that could play a part. There are many other possible causes too, so it’s important for dog owners to be very careful and watch out for the signs and symptoms of this illness, which can include:

  • Lumps and Bumps – One of the most common signs of cancer is a lump or bump on the body that won’t go away. This can appear all over your dog and should be easy to feel as you pet them.
  • Slow Healing – If your dog develops a wound and is very slow to heal, this may also be a sign of cancer. Strange bleeding is also common in cancerous dogs.
  • Strange Behavior – Dogs with cancer may also exhibit strange behavior patterns. They might not seem like their usual selves, being more tired and worn out than usual or acting oddly. If you notice any issues with your dog’s behavior, speak with a vet.

Traditional Treatment Options for Cancer in Dogs

Finding out that your dog has cancer can be very scary. Many owners immediately worry that their dog might die. However, there’s no need for immediate alarm. In a lot of cases, dogs with cancer have several treatment options available and can make full recoveries.

In fact, dogs with cancer have access to a lot of the same treatment options as people with cancer. This means that they may have to undergo surgery to have the cancerous tissue and tumors removed, for example. They might also undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which is designed to kill the cancer.

There are also clinical trials ongoing to find other ways to deal with cancer in dogs. What’s more, dogs with cancer can be given a variety of medications, from painkillers to anti-depressants which can help to alleviate some of their symptoms and ease them through the process.

CBD Oil for Cancer in Dogs

Another treatment option that can be considered is CBD for dogs with cancer. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp plants. It can be extracted from the plants and diluted into a carrier oil, like MCT oil, to produce CBD oil for cancer in dogs.

CBD oil is being used around the world for the treatment of cancer in both humans and animals. CBD for dogs cancer won’t actually cure cancer. However, it can help to alleviate a lot of the symptoms associated with it.

Some studies have suggested that it can slow the spread and inhibit tumor growth too. For instance, a study in the Journal of Pancreatic Cancer found that “Endogenous cannabinoids, synthetic or cannabis extracted from plants, can reduce tumor invasion and growth.”

CBD for dog cancer is able to interact with a dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This complex cell-signalling system is involved in various bodily processes and sensations. It can play a part in everything from moods and tiredness to sensations of pain and nausea too. 

CBD for dogs cancer is able to influence the ECS to trigger positive effects like reduced nausea, reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and lower stress levels too. All of this helps dogs with cancer feel better and lead better quality lives.

In the short-term CBD oil for dogs with cancer can help them be more comfortable. In the long-term, it can actually extend their lifespan. Not all cancers can be cured, but with the help of this oil, dogs with the disease will be able to enjoy their lives for longer without succumbing to the symptoms.

It’s also very easy to use. You can use a CBD dosage calculator to work out the right dose for your pet based on their weight. Then, you simply have to drop the oil into their mouth or food. Several scientific studies are looking into CBD oil dog cancer to find out more, and many dog owners have positive reports of how their dogs responded well to this treatment.

Cannabinoid Calculator for the Perfect CBD Oil Dosage

CBD oil can be a real boost for dogs with cancer, but it’s essential for owners to make sure that they give their furry friends the most accurate dose. The wrong amount might lead to a lack of effectiveness or raise the risk of side effects.

If you give a dog too much CBD oil, for example, it might be more likely to suffer from fatigue and appetite issues. If you don’t give the dog enough oil, it won’t be able to feel the full benefits of CBD.

This is why you have to make use of the Cannabinoid Calculator to get the proper dose. Simply enter some information about your pet into the tool and we’ll provide you with an expert dosage recommendation.


Finding out that your dog has cancer can be scary and worrying. However, it’s important to note that cancer in dogs is actually quite common. If it’s detected early, it can be treated with a high chance of success, and there are lots of possible options out there to help, including the best CBD oil for dogs with cancer.


What is cancer in dogs?

Cancer in dogs is just like cancer in humans. It’s a disease that causes rapid, uncontrolled reproduction and growth of cells.

What causes cancer in dogs?

Various factors can lead to cancer in dogs. Examples include diet, environment, genetics, and lifestyle.

How does CBD treat cancer in dogs?

CBD oil dogs cancer is able to alleviate symptoms and sometimes also slow the spread of cancer in dogs. Studies have shown that it can reduce stress and alleviate pain.

How to take CBD Oil for cancer in dogs?

CBD oil is excellent for helping dogs with cancer feel more comfortable and get through their treatment. To use it, simply enter your dog’s weight into a CBD calculator to get the right dose and then add it to their food.


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