Cancer and the benefits of CBD Oil

Cancer is an illness that causes cells in the body to mutate and grow abnormally, affecting the healthy tissues around them. It usually begins in one part of the body, and as the cancer cells grow uncontrollably, it can spread around the body affecting numerous organs. 

There are over two hundred different types of cancer, the most common being breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and skin cancer. Some cancers have obvious signs and are easy to detect early, whereas others have symptoms that are more subtle. For example, pancreatic cancer may go undetected for some time as there may be no obvious symptoms, where as a noticeable change in a skin mole is easier to spot, and could be a sign of skin cancer.

Any unusual change in the body could be a sign of cancer, so it is always important to see a doctor if you notice:

  • a lump or growth on your body or under your skin
  • unexplained bleeding
  • changes with digestion, such as ongoing vomiting, bloating or diarrhoea

Other symptoms that could suggest cancer are:

  • fatigue
  • pain
  • breathlessness, chest pain
  • weight loss
  • changes in skin moles

If there are no obvious reasons for experiencing any of the above symptoms, it could be an early sign of cancer, or another health condition. Early detection improves the chances of recovering from cancer, so seeing a doctor is essential.

While some cancers have an obvious cause, such as from being exposed to carcinogenic toxins, other cancers develop seemingly without reason. The risks of developing some cancers are minimised by following a healthy lifestyle, such as eating well and avoiding processed foods, being a non-smoker, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and getting regular exercise.

Traditional Treatment Options for Cancer

Treatment for cancer may differ depending on the type, but all usually involve some form of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Chemotherapy is a range of medicines developed to stop cancer cells from reproducing and spreading in the body. The medicines are most often administered intravenously through a cannula into a vein. It can also be given as tablets or injections.

Radiotherapy uses radiation x-rays to kill cancer cells. It can be used to cure cancer in the early stages, or prevent it from spreading. It is also used along with chemotherapy to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Unfortunately, chemotherapy and radiotherapy produce uncomfortable side effects that can make people feel ill or have an impact on mental well-being. This include nausea, pain, lower immunity to infections, hair loss, fatigue, anaemia and more.

For solid growths and tumours, surgery is usually the best way to remove the cancer. Surgery can also be performed on some parts of the body, such as removing affected tissue or organs in those with colon cancer, ovarian cancer or cervical cancer. This is usually followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy to ensure any residual cancer cells are destroyed. 

Herbal and complimentary treatments, such as CBD oil, are also beneficial in helping provide relief from the symptoms of cancer, or from the side effects of cancer medicines. 

CBD Oil for Cancer

CBD is a cannabinoid found in hemp plants. Unlike its cousin marijuana, which contains high levels of the chemical THC, hemp only contains trace amounts and does not make users feel high. Hemp contains a range of beneficial cannabinoids that interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system and helps to provide relief for a variety of conditions. The term medical marijuana is often used to describe CBD oil, yet it is different. Medical marijuana is usually prescribed by a doctor due to higher levels of THC. CBD hemp oil does not require a prescription and is freely available as a health supplement.

When looking on the internet for information about CBD and cancer, you may come across anecdotal evidence or claims that ‘CBD cured my cancer’. While research into CBD oil, cancer and its symptoms is ongoing, there is some evidence that cannabinoids do have an effect on cells, although how that works directly on cancer cells is yet unknown.

With the use of CBD, cancer patients may get relief from many symptoms as well as the side effects of treatment. According to the National Cancer Institute, “the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis for people living with cancer include the following: antiemetic effects, appetite stimulation, pain relief, improved sleep.1

CBD oil is known to stimulate appetite, encouraging patients to eat more during treatment. This may then give the body more energy to fight off infections, to feel more energised, and to be better able to cope with the side effects of medications. Similarly, improved sleep also strengthens the immune system, improves mood and helps a person to have more energy.

Along with cancer and side effect of medications, patients often feel a considerable amount of anxiety relating to having the condition. CBD is effective in soothing anxiety and depression, helping cancer patients to increase their sense of calm while undergoing treatment.

In addition to being used for humans with cancer, CBD oil for dogs with cancer is a popular choice. It works in the same way for dogs and cats as it does for humans, in that it help provide relief for many side effects and symptoms of cancer.

The Best CBD oil for Cancer

When choosing CBD oil for cancer, the most important thing to consider is quality. Always choose oils from reputable brands, that are produced organically and that come with laboratory analysis so customers can see what is in the bottle. Getting the correct dosage is also important in getting the most benefits from CBD.

No two people with cancer have the same symptoms or needs, so a generic CBD dosage is not good enough in providing relief from symptoms. Our CBD calculator provides a recommended dosage based on personal information. Simply enter a few details about yourself and your condition, and you will have your own recommended CBD oil dosage in minutes.

Cancer is a common illness and there is continuous research into treatments and potential cures. CBD oil can be used to support overall health and wellbeing, as well as for providing relief from some of the symptoms of cancer and also the side effects of cancer medications. 

What you need to know about CBD Oil and Cancer

What is cancer?

Cancer is an illness that causes cells in the body to grow abnormally and reproduce in such a way that it takes over healthy cells around them. There are over 200 different types of cancer, and it can affect almost any part of the body.

What are the early signs of cancer?

Early signs of cancer can be difficult to detect as there may be other health conditions that produce the same symptoms. People who experience pain, fatigue, digestive problems or weight loss that is unexplained or does not go away should get checked by a doctor. Other signs of cancer that require immediate expert advice are growths, lumps and unexplained bleeding.

Does CBD oil cure cancer?

Research into how CBD oil works to help fight cancer is ongoing, yet it has been shown to provide relief from many associated symptoms, as well as from the side effects of cancer medications.

What is the best CBD oil dosage for cancer?

To get the best therapeutic dose of CBD oil depends on the individual and their specific health needs. Our CBD calculator gives you a personalised dosage recommendation based on your information, and displays your results quickly on screen and through email.



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