CBD Oil to Treat Seizures in Dogs

Dogs are among the most popular pets on the planet. They can often feel like full members of the family, forming lifelong bonds with their owners and bringing a lot of joy and happiness into people’s lives. Unfortunately, while dogs can often be lively, energetic, adorable creatures, they can also suffer from health issues that may impact their lives in a big way

One example of this is seizures in dogs. This condition can also be referred to as canine epilepsy, and it is quite a common problem. The American Kennel Club notes “The incidence of idiopathic epilepsy is between 0.5 and 5 percent of the dog population; but in some breeds, the incidence can be much higher.”

Dog seizures aren’t typically classed as a disease, but they can become a long-term health condition that can cause a lot of problems, both for the dog and the owner. Dog seizures can be unpredictable, and it’s common for dogs to accidentally injure themselves when having these attacks. Owners may also stress and panic when they see their dog losing control of its body.

When a seizure happens, a dog will suddenly seem confused or unstable. They may fall onto the floor, their muscles may spasm or lock up, and they may start to move around uncontrollably. These seizures may last for less than a minute or can run on for several minutes at a time, and they can lead to additional symptoms later on.

Fortunately, when it comes to old dog seizures or dog seizures while sleeping, there are treatment options out there. This guide will look at some of the ways you can help your dog cope with their seizures, as well as examining some possible causes behind the different types of seizures in dogs. We’ll also go over modern remedies like CBD oil for dog seizures too.

Causes and Symptoms of Seizures in Dogs

There are many different types of dog seizures. The most common form is known as the ‘generalized seizure’ or ‘grand mal seizure’. PetMD explains that during this type of seizure “A dog can lose consciousness and convulse. The abnormal electrical activity happens throughout the brain. Generalized seizures usually last from a few seconds to a few minutes.”

There are also focus seizures, in which strange electrical activity only occurs in a certain part of the brain. This can lead to abnormal movements in just one section of the body, rather than the entire body. Dogs with these kinds of seizures might lose control of one of their legs, for instance.

Your dog may also struggle with psychomotor seizures, in which the dog may start to behave very strangely, like chasing after something invisible or running around in circles. There are other types of seizures too, such as cluster seizures in dogs which can occur in rapid sequences and dog seizures while sleeping. In all of these cases, the situation is caused by abnormal activity in the brain.

Epilepsy in dogs is quite a mysterious condition, even for scientists, and there’s a lot of research ongoing to try and find out more about how it works and what might cause it. There can be all kinds of strange triggers for these seizures, including low blood sugar, eating out of plastic bowls, head injuries, and more. 

Seizures may also be a sign of a more serious condition like cancer or kidney disease, which is why it’s so important for owners to be aware of the risks and know the signs. The list below covers a few signs you can notice when your dog may be about to have a seizure:

  • Muscle stiffening 
  • Loss of stability 
  • Falling over 
  • Muscle spasms 
  • Loss of consciousness 
  • Excessive drooling 
  • Foaming at the mouth 
  • Involuntary urination or defecation 
  • Dizziness 
  • Confusion 
  • Dilated pupils

Traditional Treatment Options for Seizures in Dogs

Seeing your dog have a seizure can be quite a scary and stressful experience. Many owners who experience seizures for the first time can panic and be unsure of what to do or how to react. It’s important to note that treatments are available, and the first thing to do is know what you should do when a seizure happens.

Try to look out for the warning signs of seizures, as listed above, and if one seems to be coming, start taking precautionary measures. Try to make the surrounding area as safe as possible, putting down towels and pillows and moving sharp items or furniture away. This will help the dog stay safe, even if it falls around the room. Try to avoid touching the dog and simply let the seizure take its course.

Dogs can bite out of fear and confusion when having a seizure, so keep your hands away from their mouth. Try talking to them softly to reassure them, and you may also want to open a window or dip the dogs paws in some cold water to cool them off, as they can get quite hot during long seizures.

In terms of actual treatment, a vet may prescribe certain medications to help control your dog’s seizures. There are also certain collars that you can buy which claim to reduce the risk of seizures. You may also be able to identify seizure triggers and try to remove them.

CBD Oil for Seizures in Dogs

As well as the traditional options, one of the newer treatments for this condition is CBD oil for dogs with seizures. CBD oil for dogs seizures is a product made from hemp plants. The CBD, or cannabidiol, is extracted from the plant and diluted into an oil. 

You can use a CBD calculator to work out the right CBD oil dosage for dog seizures and then drop the correct amount into your dog’s food. 

How does CBD for dog seizures work? Well, studies into dog seizures CBD suggest that CBD is actually able to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. 

It does this by interacting with the ECS, or endocannabinoid system, which is a complex cell-signalling system found in both animals and humans.

The ECS is responsible for all kinds of bodily processes and sensations, and it is linked with seizures too and the conditions that cause them.

When CBD interacts with the ECS, it can lead to positive effects for dogs with seizures. Scientific studies have looked into the workings of this, finding that CBD is effective at treating epilepsy.

Many owners of dogs with epilepsy say that CBD has helped them. A lot of people have noticed that dogs that are given CBD tend to have fewer seizures overall. 

Seizures will still happen but will be less severe, giving the dog more comfort and a better life. This also helps to reduce stress for owners too.

Other advantages of CBD for dogs include the fact that it can reduce stress and anxiety which may be linked to seizures. It can also alleviate pain and inflammation caused by other health conditions, as well as helping your dog feel more comfortable and relaxed in general.

Cannabinoid Calculator for the Perfect CBD Oil Dosage

If you want to give your own dog some CBD oil to help deal with their seizures, it’s important that you use Cannabinoid Calculator in order to work out the right dose.

Different dogs need different doses of CBD. Bigger dogs will usually require larger doses to feel the beneficial effects, while smaller and lighter dogs may not need quite as much of the oil.

Our CBD calculator tool takes all the guesswork out of the issue. All you need to do is simply insert some basic information on your dog, like its weight, and then get an accurate dosage recommendation you can rely on.


Dogs can have seizures for all kinds of reasons, but it’s important to note that even though this condition is almost impossible to cure, it can be managed. With the right treatment and complementary remedies like CBD oil, dogs with seizures can still live happy, normal lives.


What are seizures in dogs?

Seizures in dogs are when a dog loses control of some or all of its body. They can last for different amounts of time and involve varying symptoms.

What causes seizures in dogs?

Studies are ongoing to find out more about the causes of dog seizures. They are primarily caused by imbalances in brain activity, which can be triggered by health factors, genetics, or even environmental triggers.

How does CBD treat seizures in dogs?

CBD oil can help to reduce the severity and frequency of dog seizures. It can also assist with other symptoms like anxiety.

How to take CBD Oil for seizures in dogs?

You can use a CBD dosage calculator to work out the right dose of CBD to give to your dog. Then, all you have to do is drop the oil into their food.


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