Multiple Myeloma and CBD Oil

Myeloma is a type of blood cancer that usually affects older people over the age of 65. Blood cells are made by bone marrow, the spongy textured substance in the centre of bones. Along with red blood cells, bone marrow makes plasma, which are white blood cells. It is plasma that helps us to fight off infections and forms an important part of the immune system.

Myeloma occurs when DNA is damaged during the production of a plasma cell, creating an abnormal plasma cell. Over time, these abnormal cells spread throughout the bone marrow and cause a build-up of protein in the blood. Myeloma is sometimes called multiple myeloma because if affects many parts of the body where bone marrow is most active. 

Multiple myeloma symptoms include:

  • pain in the bones
  • infections
  • fatigue
  • problems with kidneys, due to excessive protein in the blood

Myeloma diagnosis will show what stage the cancer is in, shown as stage one, two or three. This describes how strongly cancer is present in the body. Unfortunately, there is no cure for myeloma, but treatments are aimed at managing symptoms, putting myeloma into remission, and prolonging life. 

The symptoms of myeloma usually come and go. Depending on what the stage of cancer, it goes from being in remission, where there are no signs or symptoms, to returning again. So, there are times when treatment is required, followed by times where the cancer is not active and no treatment is necessary. 

Traditional Treatment Options for Myeloma

Traditional treatment for multiple myeloma is to both support overall health and quality of life, as well as to slow down the progression of the cancer. For those with early signs of myeloma, their condition may be monitored until symptoms present themselves. Regular checks to watch for bone thinning is usual, so drugs can be administered in time to help prevent this.

Treatments for the disease consist of chemotherapy, targeted therapy that works on specific cancer genes, drugs to stimulate the immune system, steroids, and bone-modifying drugs to help strengthen the bones. In some cases, bone marrow stem cell transplants are an option.

With such a heavy medical load, there are unwanted side-effects of treatment. In addition, having cancer in any form brings its own emotional effects on well-being. In order to improve quality of life, it is important to eat healthily, get quality rest and look after emotional health. Supplements are also useful, and CBD oil in particular has been shown to have positive effects on many symptoms of myeloma, and in relieving the side-effects of cancer drugs.

CBD Oil for Myeloma

CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from hemp plants, a type of cannabis. Marijuana is another plant from the cannabis species, but it is very different from hemp. There are many cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Hemp is high in CBD, while marijuana is high in THC. There are very low levels of THC in hemp plants, so using oil made from hemp does not produce any feelings of being high. CBD oil is legal and safe to use.

While there is no cure for myeloma, CBD oil can be beneficial as part of its treatment. Research into cannabinoids and their ability to slow down the spread of some cancers, including myeloma, shows promise. This study1 looks at CBD and multiple myeloma, stating that, “CBD can affect the viability of MM cells. These results confirm the antitumor potential of CBD against MM, which was already reported by other studies based on the analysis of apoptosis.” This suggests that CBD oil is helpful in slowing down the growth of cancers such as myeloma.

CBD is also a known to be an effective pain reliever, helping to lessen pain felt from the cancer as well as reducing the amount of prescribed or over-the-counter pain relief medications. Taking painkillers for lengthy amounts of time can lead to health issues such as headaches and weakened immunity, so having a natural alternative helps to keep the body feeling healthy and better able to fight off infections.

Another well documented benefit of CBD oil is that it helps to lower levels of anxiety and depression. For those with long-term illness, coping with the stress and worry can be difficult. Using CBD oil helps to relieve stress and has a beneficial effect on mood and well-being.

The best CBD oil for multiple myeloma, or for any cancer, is always a good quality product that is free from impurities. When researching CBD brands, look for those that have plenty of positive feedback, that provide access to laboratory reports, and that use Co2 extraction processes to preserve the beneficial compounds from the hemp plants.

Getting the dosage right is also essential in getting the best results from CBD oil. There is no standard CBD dose that works for everyone, instead factors such as age, weight, and height should be considered. To find the best CBD oil dosage for you, our CBD calculator makes it easy. Simply add a few details about yourself, and your personalised results are displayed on your screen. We also send it to your preferred email address for your reference.

Hemp oil for myeloma can be effective in managing the symptoms, and looks promising in its ability to slow down or stop the growth of cancer. As more research and trials into CBD and myeloma continues, and also into cannabinoids and other cancers, the more about its healing qualities and its potential as a cancer treatment will be learned.

What you need to know about CBD Oil, Multiple Myeloma and its symptoms

What is multiple myeloma?

Multiple myeloma is a cancer of the blood. It occurs when the bone marrow makes abnormal plasma cells, resulting in a build-up of protein in the blood. Symptoms include bone pain and weakness, kidney problems, infections and fatigue. When undergoing treatment for myeloma, there are a range of side-effect from cancer medications and others.

What are multiple myeloma stages?

When diagnosed with myeloma, tests will show how much the cancer has taken effect, or what stage it is in. Myeloma is a type of cancer that goes into remission, meaning there are no signs or symptoms and no treatment is required, before returning again. Treatments help put myeloma back into remission, however there is not yet any treatment that will completely cure it.

Does CBD oil cure multiple myeloma?

There is not yet any cure for myeloma. Treatments are to slow or stop the spread of cancer cells, as well as to manage the symptoms. CBD oil has been shown to be beneficial, and shows promise in helping slow down cancer, reducing pain, as well as having a beneficial effect on anxiety and depression.

What is the best CBD dosage for multiple myeloma?

Not everyone gets the same effects from a dosage of CBD oil, that’s why it is important to find the right level that brings the best results. Factors such as height, weight and age need to be considered, as well as the severity of symptoms. To take the guesswork out of CBD oil dosage, use our CBD calculator. It is quick to use, and you get results displayed in minutes.



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