Nausea and the benefits of CBD Oil

Nausea is when a person feels sick in the stomach, and is the feeling prior to vomiting. Yet, vomiting does not always occurs as an effect of nausea. Nausea is common, and can be caused by many different reasons. Nausea is often more detrimental to a person well-being and quality of life than vomiting, because nausea is ongoing and can last a long time, especially if it is a side-effect of medication.

Common causes of nausea include:

  • allergy to a type of food
  • food poisoning
  • onset of a virus
  • high temperature
  • side-effects of medications
  • pregnancy
  • migraine
  • vertigo
  • anxiety
  • motion sickness

Sometimes the causes of nausea are not always obvious and it usually goes away after a short amount of time. However, for some who experience nausea as a side-effects of medications, it can go on for some time, or for the duration of treatment. Cancer medications, especially chemotherapy, can make people feel nauseous. Anti-depressant drugs may also make a person feel nauseous, especially when the medication is new or the dosage has been increased.

Traditional Treatment Options for Nausea

Treatment of nausea usually depends on treating what causes it. For example, sickness that is felt due to a high temperature can be treated by bringing the temperature down. Avoiding known triggers of nausea is also a way of preventing it, such as not overindulging in some types of foods or alcohol.

Where treatment for the cause of nausea is not is not relevant, or not working, there are a number of remedies that may help provide relief. This includes getting fresh air, sipping water, teas such as ginger and peppermint are believed to soothe sickness, and eating small amounts of bland food. CBD oil is also effective in managing sickness and nausea.

For those with constant nausea, a doctor my prescribe nausea medications. However, these may bring a range of side-effects, such as constipation, dizziness and headaches. When taking this into consideration, many people look for alternative ways to treat nausea, such as CBD oil.

CBD Oil for Nausea 

The cannabis plant species has been used as a source of medicine for millennia. Both hemp and marijuana are types of cannabis, but there are very different in the effects they produce. Marijuana is often used recreationally as it contains high amounts of THC, the cannabinoid that makes people feel high. Hemp, on the other hand, is high in CBD but low in THC. This means that people who use hemp oil, or CBD oil, do not get high. Instead, they benefit from the healing and therapeutic properties of the cannabinoids within hemp plants. 

CBD can help reduce feelings of nausea due to how cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body. According to the study, Regulation of Nausea and Vomiting by Cannabinoids1Considerable evidence demonstrates that manipulation of the endocannabinoid system regulates nausea and vomiting in humans and other animals.” The study also goes on to say that CBD works as an antiemetic, and this makes it a preferable alternative to other anti-nausea medication that come with a range of side-effects.

For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, nausea is a common side-effect. It can be so severe that some people decide to discontinue treatment. Chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting can be difficult to deal with, but CBD oil can help to provide some relief. The same study1 explains that, “Both preclinical and human clinical research suggests that cannabinoid compounds may have promise in treating nausea in chemotherapy patients.” For those looking for a natural alternative to help reduce the effects of cancer nausea, or from cancer medications, CBD oil is a worthwhile option.

CBD oil may also be able to treat the underlying cause of nausea in some cases. For example, CBD is known to have an uplifting and calming effect on anxiety, helping to ease nausea if one of the symptoms. It is also helpful for those who suffer with depression, and may reduce the need for anti-depressant medications. Pain can also cause a person to feel sick, and CBD oil is a powerful pain reliever and can be used to treat migraines and chronic pain.

If you are ready to try CBD oil for nausea, there are some important considerations to remember. The best CBD oil for nausea is always sourced from a trusted seller. Things to look out for when exploring CBD oil brands are good manufacturing practices, those that use organic hemp and Co2 extraction processes, provide access to laboratory analysis reports and have good feedback from their customers. This ensures you are getting quality CBD oil that will bring the best therapeutic effects.

Dosage is also a key factor in maximising the benefits of CBD oil for nausea. People are all different, so no one CBD dose will be effective for all. Height, weight and age are all factors that make a difference in getting the most effective CBD oil dosage. To make it easy, our CBD calculator does this for you. All you need to do is enter a few details, and you get a personalised recommended CBD oil dosage displayed on your screen. We also send to your preferred email address, for your reference.

CBD oil has seen a surge in popularity in recent times, and while there is much anecdotal evidence for its healing properties, research is only just catching up. But, what is has shown so far is promising. As more is discovered about cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system, CBD will emerge further as a beneficial treatment for a range of conditions, including for treating nausea.

What you need to know about CBD oil and its effects on Nausea

What is nausea?

Nausea is the sensation of feeling sick. Vomiting may occur with nausea but not always. Nausea has a variety of causes, some more serious than others. Typical reasons why someone feels sick is through food poisoning, sensitivity of some smells, migraines, vertigo, anxiety, medications and more.

How to get rid of nausea?

The best way to stop nausea will depend on the cause. For example, treatments such as sipping a hot or cold drink, getting some fresh air and avoiding nausea trigger will work for some, but may not be as effective if nausea id caused by the side-effects of medications. Sometime, a doctor may prescribes nausea medication for people who have constant nausea.

Does CBD help with nausea?

Research into CBD oil, nausea and vomiting has shown that CBD and other cannabinoids have a beneficial effect on nausea. In addition, in some cases it may also help ease the cause of nausea, for example if it is caused by migraine or anxiety. CBD oil may be especially helpful for those undergoing chemotherapy, helping to provide relief from nausea without adding to the medication load in the body.

What CBD oil dosage is best for nausea?

The best CBD oil dosage for nausea is different for everyone. It can be confusing to find the best starting dose, but our CBD calculator makes it simple. Just add a few details about a person’s height, age, weight and sex, and let the calculator do the rest! You get a personalised CBD dosage guide displayed on your screen in minutes.



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